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Insulated Swing Doors.

Incorporating food safe panels and a fully insulated core, our insulated personnel doors provide a versatile solution for food, hygiene and many other applications.
Our insulated personnel doors provide an excellent solution where a food safe, single action design is required. Using a range of hardware and frame options, each door can be designed to mount to a range of substrates from PU panels to solid wall. Additional protection is also available for each door and each door is available in stock and custom sizes and a range of colours.
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Made in the UK & Available in 7-10 days

Deal direct with one of Europes leading traffic door manufacturers. Reduced lead-times, direct product support, bespoke designs and a next day parts service are just a few benefits available to each and every one of our our customers.
Dual Action Hinges

Dual action SS304 and 316L stainless steel helical torsion hinge system with 270° swing options.

Ready For Impact

Insulated sandwiched panel with a twin skin powder coated finish available in a range of colours and finishes including stainless steel.

Maximum Protection

Available with optional food safe UHMWPE machined bumpers, heat draped teardrop bumpers or steel facings.

DDA Vision Options

All doors are available with optional upper vision windows in a range of sizes and finishes.

Easy Installation

All doors incorporate a full height fixing spine and a range of aluminium or stainless steel mounting frames.

Performance & Reliability

Machined fixings, post treated springs & precision engineered panels are standard on all doors.

Designed for Food & Hygiene Applications

Our insulated personnel doors provide an excellent solution where a food safe, single action design is required. Using a range of hardware and frame options, each door can be designed to mount to a range of substrates from PU panels to solid wall.
Pallet Traffic

Suitable for both personnel use and for palletised traffic applications. Available with a range of bumper options.

Double Swing Action

Our Stainless Steel dual action hinges are designed to provide trouble free, reliable & smooth dual action operation.

Food Safe Design

Food safe and hygienic design to ensure suitability in a range of clean-room and food preparation areas.

Tough on Impact

A robust design ensures super tough reliability in a range of applications from light commercial to heavy industrial.

Food Safe.

Food safe, lightweight, insulated.
Incorporating a full height blade manufactured from a single piece of optically clear polycarbonate material with no material joins. The top half of each door remains clear providing excellent vision and light transfer from both sides of each blade. Optionally available with scratch proof facings, this is an ideal door model for applications that require maximum vision and impact resistance.

Providing excellent impact resistance, thermal stability and  dimensional stability. Our polycarbonate door is an ideal products for a range of applications including food safe, retail, industrial and commercial.

Quality. Reliability. Performance. Every Time.

Our helical torsion hinge system has been designed to provide smooth and reliable performance with zero maintenance.

Swing Options.

Quality, reliability, performance.
Our high quality stainless steel helical torsion hinges provide 270 degree operation and include fully adjustable tension to ensure smooth operation of any door size and weight.


P2700 Hinge Shown (Illustration).

Maximum Door Protection

Optional lower aluminum and stainless steel facings are available on all insulated swing door models. Additional protection including heat draped polypropylene or food safe HMWPE and UHMWPE door bumper options are also available on request.
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Support Frames.

While all our doors can be fitted to existing substrates, we also provide optional support frames to suit PU panels, masonry or stud walls. All our doors are supplied ready to fit, in the event that your substrate is not adequately constructed, a support frame is a good way to reinforce the opening ready to mount your door.
Lifetime Support for Your Door

Every door we manufacture has a unique serial number. Should the need ever arise where you need any replacement parts from hardware, fixings, windows or even complete door blades, we got it covered.

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Technical Support.

Architectural, Engineering & Installation
Comprehensive technical information is available for all Speedflex products. Using the latest industry standard software, we provide a wide range of technical information including Architectural Drawings, CAD Blocks, Engineering Drawings, Specification Sheets, O&M Manuals and more.


We also provide a 3D product visualisation service for all products.

Professional Installation

Our qualified door engineers have many years of experience working in some of the busiest, and largest facilities in the UK with a faultless record for safety.

Talk to us to see how we can help you today.

Our highly skilled team is always happy to share its technical expertise and answer any questions.
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